Maytag Microwave Instructions

Maytag makes a variety of home appliances, such as refrigerators, dishwashers, washers, dryers and microwave ovens. Just as with the manufacturer's other appliances, there is not just one model of Maytag Microwave. Several different variations of microwave are manufactured by the company, varying in size, cooking wattage and features. Although each model of Maytag microwave works slightly differently, the main operating instructions are similar.

  • Plug the Maytag microwave into an electrical wall outlet. You'll know the microwave has power when the numbers light up on the display. If you do not want the number on the display to read “000,” set the clock on the microwave by pressing “Clock,” then pressing each number of the time. For example, if the time is 1:03, press “1,” “0” and “3,” then press “Enter.” Then, press “1” for AM or “2” for PM and press “Enter” again.

  • Place the item you want to microwave into the unit. Open the door by pushing the big unlabeled button under the main key panel; place the item on the plate inside and close the door.

  • Enter the cook time for your item. Press the numbers for the cook time you want in minutes and seconds. For example, press “3,” “0” and “0” for 3 minutes, or “4” and “5” for 45 seconds. Press the “Start” button to begin cooking.

  • Change the power level on the unit if you want the item in the microwave to cook more slowly. This is beneficial if you want to keep items like moist foods from boiling up out of the bowl. Enter the cooking time according to the instructions in Step 3, and then press the button labeled “Power Level.” Enter a number from 1 to 10 to choose the level of power. For example, enter a “5” to cook at 50 percent power. Then, press “Start.” Note that 10 is the highest power level and is the default setting; items will automatically be cooked at power level 10 if a power level is not selected.

  • Click the “More” or “Less” button at any time during the cooking cycle to add or subtract time from the cook time. When you press “More,” the microwave automatically adds 10 seconds of cooking time, and, when you press “Less,” the microwave automatically subtracts 10 seconds of cooking time.

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