How to Make 3 Squares From 4 Squares

How to Make 3 Squares From 4 Squares

Complete one of the most popular puzzles of all time using matchsticks. Arrange twelve matches on a flat surface so that they form four identical squares. Once the puzzle is ready, the task is to make 3 squares from 4 squares while moving only 3 matches. It's suggested that there is no limit to the number of matches that you can move -- the only limitation is that you must use all 12 matches in your final design. The trick is that either way, the solution looks the same.


  1. Arrange your matches so that you have four squares. Make a large square that is two match lengths wide and two match lengths high. Place the remaining four matches in the centre of the larger square so that they form a plus sign and divide the large square into four equal squares.

  2. Remove the two matches that make the top left corner of your matchstick construction.

  3. Remove one match from base of your construction on the right side. You should have two small squares, one at the lower left and one at the upper right. One extra match remains at the lower right.

  4. Make a third square using the remaining match at the lower right of your construction as the left side of a new square. Use the three matches that you removed to complete the design.

Tips and warnings
  • This task can be completes with pens, pencils or any 12 similar objects.
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