How to Flirt With a Girl in Class

Edit Article Have you ever wanted to flirt with a girl in class, but you never had the courage? Here are the basics on flirting with girls.


  • How to Flirt With a Girl in Class
    Make sure you take care of all of yourpersonal hygienicmatters first.Take a showerevery day weardeodorantandbrush your teeth. (But not too much! Some girls love it when you walk by and they can smell a hint of it on you, but if you use as much as the Axe commercials do, she'll think you just stink.)
  • How to Flirt With a Girl in Class
    Find the girl you want to flirt with.If you are sitting next to her, you can simplystart talking to her.Compliment her, tell her how good she looks, etc. Just remember not to say anything that might put her off, especially if you've never talked to her. Just pretend she is like one of your "guy" friends. Don't treat her exactly like this or she will feel like you don't care that she is a girl and are desperate for a new guy friend.
  • How to Flirt With a Girl in Class
    If she isn't nearby, try to get her attention and when you do, look at her for a few seconds.Don't stare hard, or she will be a little creeped out. You then can start mouthing a conversation with her. Do not stare at anything below her face. The eyes and the lips have the best effect.
  • How to Flirt With a Girl in Class
    Act like you have done this before.Be sure toshow you are confident, just don't act stupid or insecure
  • How to Flirt With a Girl in Class
    Be cool, don't stress.there is always someone else!
  • How to Flirt With a Girl in Class
    Don't act like you're awesome, this will frustrate girls and turn them off.
  • How to Flirt With a Girl in Class
    Make sure youdon't get into trouble in class, being yelled at by a teacher makes you easy to tease.
  • How to Flirt With a Girl in Class
    Don't constantly try to be funny, girls will think you're trying to get attention.
  • How to Flirt With a Girl in Class
    Try to notice the girl's group of friends, because girls are heavily persuaded by their friends.If her best friend thinks you're weird, she will be less interested in you.
  • How to Flirt With a Girl in Class
    Smileand say hi in the corridor if you are friends with her, if you do this and you're not friends she will be surprised and this could make you seem weird.
  • How to Flirt With a Girl in Class
    If you're not already friends with her then just smile and make a 3 second eye contact when she walks by, girls like it when they know they're noticed.
  • How to Flirt With a Girl in Class
    If you sit next to her in class, be friendly and don't create an awkward silence, but also don't seem like you are in love with her, this will freak her out.


  • Likewise, if you like her, and she catches you staring at her, smile, and try to keep eye contact for at least 3 seconds.
  • If you are sitting across the room, and you catch her staring at you, make eye contact, smile, and mouth a conversation to her. If she is interested in you, she will keep mouthing a conversation too!
  • Just talk to her and don't be shy.
  • If you're mouthing words to her and you're not good at reading her lips, don't be questionable, act like you know what she's saying.
  • When you are sitting in opposite sides of the room wait for her to look at you, Then look at her and smile after you mouth a conversation look at one of her friends and then look at her and laugh. That will show that you aren't desperate.


  • Don't violate her personal space.
  • Don't give her too many compliments or she'll think you don't mean it.
  • Don't start talking trash to her. No dirty talk when you just meet her, it's a real turn off and annoyance.
  • Don't act immature. It's not cute, it's annoying.
  • If you know the girl likes you and you like her back you better go for it or else she'll make the first move, unless that is what you want to happen... which you don't. Be especially careful if you think she's the kind of girl who expects you to be masculine. In that case, if you don't make the first move, she'll forget about it and move off.
  • Some guys act like a jerk when they think about a girl you like (well- in the sense of thinking about liking them). If this is going to happen at any point, take a breath and just act like a casual friend and try again later.
  • There is never a time to be obnoxious. Keep it cool.
  • Don't try to be funny; talk to her like you normally would.
  • Don't make a scene. This will freak girls out, and they will lose interest really fast.
  • Don't give her any gifts of any kind, unless you know her well enough or the situation calls for it - for example, offering something you have a lot of, like food.
  • If you started to flirt with her, don't start flirting with another girl across the room; only flirt with another girl if you are sitting by two girls and another guy (make sure the guy isn't trying to flirt with your target) then flirt with the other girl for just a little (this will make your target jealous and envious) but always remember who your going after.
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