How to Draw a Cartoon Car

Edit Article Need to draw a cartoon car for a home-made card, for a wall painting, or just for fun? Follow this step-by-step tutorial to find out how to to draw a cartoon car. Make minor edits, like change the color of the markers, to make the car your own masterpiece!


  • How to Draw a Cartoon Car
    Draw a rectangle lightly with your pencil.This will be the body of the car.
  • How to Draw a Cartoon Car
    Draw a trapezoid on top of the rectangle, again lightly with pencil.The trapezoid should be slightly smaller.
  • How to Draw a Cartoon Car
    Draw two small circles on the bottom of the rectangle lightly.These will be the wheels. You can add some details inside the circle to make it look more wheel-like, too. Also draw a curved, semi-circle like line above the two wheels for a better car-like look. After that, trace over the entire cartoon car outline you have drawn so far with a marker or dark pen.
  • How to Draw a Cartoon Car
    Add the headlights and bumper near the front of the car.Look at the image for a better idea of how to draw all the details and shapes. You can draw it with your marker/pen or first lightly with pencil, then trace over.
  • How to Draw a Cartoon Car
    Draw the car windows.Look at the picture to see how to draw the shapes of the windows.
  • How to Draw a Cartoon Car
    Draw a small exterior mirror.This step is optional since it is so little, but it is still an important step to drawing a car if you want it to be detailed and realistic.
  • How to Draw a Cartoon Car
    Draw the car door, and door handle on it.
  • How to Draw a Cartoon Car
    You can draw some exhaust fumes near the rear of your car.As usual, look at the drawing to have a better idea of how to draw it.


  • Make sure to have a good, sharpened pencil. You can keep a few other pencils near in case the pencil you're using breaks.
  • Before starting, you should test out your pen/marker on a piece of scrap paper to see if it works. You should also test out your pencil to see if the lead is strong, and your eraser to see if it will leave a dark mark on your paper or not.
  • Make sure when you're following the first three steps that you draw with pencil to make your lines light. Doing this is appropriate because you can erase it easily without having any marks left over.


  • Pencils (sharpener optional)
  • Eraser just in case
  • A marker or dark pen that doesn't go through the paper or smear easily
  • Paper (no thin paper, but you can use thick paper)
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