How to Create a Fashion Magazine Page in Adobe Photoshop 7

How to Create a Fashion Magazine Page in Adobe Photoshop 7

If you've ever wanted to be an editor for a fashion magazine, you'll know that it takes a lot of patience and work to create a page in a fashion magazine. However, it becomes much easier with practice. So why not practice in Adobe Photoshop 7 by creating your very own fashion magazine pages?


  1. In Photoshop, click "File/New." On the screen that pops up, adjust the size of the image to 7" x 10". Be sure that you are using inches and not pixels.

  2. Choose a colour for the background of your page. Using your paint bucket tool, colour your background your desired colour.

  3. Find an image of a model (or take a photo of yourself) who is modelling the types of clothes that will be shown on your fashion page. (If your page is on pastels, choose an image of a model wearing pastels or pastel inspired designs.) Ask permission from the owner before publishing the image.

  4. Open the image onto a separate canvas, crop it and resize it to fit into the centre of your magazine page.

  5. Gather images of different fashions (these can be photos that you've taken yourself or photos that you've gathered online with permission from the owners).

  6. Open these images onto a separate canvas by clicking "File/Open" and opening the correct file, crop and resize them to fit your magazine page.

  7. Copy the clothing images using your square marquee tool and paste them onto your fashion magazine page. Place them around the model. It's O.K. if some images slightly overlap each other.

  8. Add text about each product's price and availability. If all products are available at one place, just name the place somewhere on your page.

    How to Create a Fashion Magazine Page in Adobe Photoshop 7
  9. Print or publish!

Tips and warnings
  • Be sure that the colours of the clothing on your page don't clash with each other or your background.
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